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Srdečně Vás zveme na naše speciality. Připravili jsme pro Vás nový jídelní lístek plný výborných jídel z Čech i mezinárodní kuchyně, na kterých si jistě pochutnáte.

2pc. Toast with spicy chicken mixture   60,-
50g   Smoked salmon with spicy sauce, in beer pastry                                   85,-
100g Baked Bavorian mini sausages, coarse-grained mustard, bread   60,-
2pc Camembert with butter toast, cranberries and roasted nuts     70,-
0,3l Beef soup with meat and homemade noodles   35,-
0,3l Garlic soup with ham, cheese and toasted bread                                    40,-
0,3l Creamy vegetable soup with cream   40,-
200g   Grill trout with herb butter and lemon                                                135,-
200g Grill salmon with creamy - dill sauce   185,-
200g Baked spicy pieces of pike, vegetables                                                                 175,-
         Beef meat (Steaks)  
280g  Beef steak with whisky and cream 240,-
280g Beef steak with bacon and pepper 240,-
200g Spicy beef strips with Chorizo and beans                                   180,-
  Steaks are served from mellowed meat. Country of origin - Australia                   
           Pork meat  


Pork steak with country spices and glazed onions


Medallions of pork tenderloin with tempura (pieces of vegetable in batter)        

200g Pan-fried pork liver with bacon chips 110,-
200g Fried breaded pork cutler, lemon 130,-
  Chicken meat  
200g   Chicken steak with sun dried tomatoes, spicy pesto                                165,-
200g Chicken pieces with cream and mushrooms 155,-
200g Fried chicken breast in cheesy breadcrumbs 155,-
300g   Wide noodles with pork tenderlion and forest mushrooms    135,- 
300g Homemade potatoe gnocchi with tomatoe pure and basil, parmesan  120,-
300g Pasta parcels filled with baked chicken meat and vegetable, cheese sauce         140,- 
  Meals for children  
200g Wide noodles with chicken meat and carrot strips                                          69,-
200g Semolina porridge with cocoa (cinnamon) and butter                                45,-
75g Fried breaded chicken cutlet, boiled potatoes with butter                                 69,-
  Meatless dishes  
120g Fried cheese                                                                           85,-
200g Pan fried seasonal vegetables   55,-
1pc. Egg omelette with tomatoes   45,-
250g  Mix salad with Balkan cheese                                          80,-
250g Salad with tomatoes, chicken nuggets and yoghurt dressing                   125,-
250g Beetroot salat with eggs and sour cream, toast   90,-
1pc. Apple strudel with ice cream and cream                               40,-
1pc. Pancake with fruits, cream and caramel   65,-
2sc. Ice cream with cream and cinnamon-chocolate topping                             55,-
1sc. Ice cream scoop   13,-
  Side dishes and sauces  
200g French fries                                           30,-
200g Dollar chips   30,-
200g Boiled potatoes   30,-
200g Roasted potatoes   30,-
200g Mashed potatoes with bacon                                                                              30,-
200g Rice   30,-
1pc Bread     5,-
1pc Pastry     5,-
80g Tartar sauce   18,-
80g Cream sauce with herbs   18,-
80g Yoghurt dressing with pepper   18,-
80g Piquant sauce   20,-

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